DT3000SG Diesel Hydraulic Dynamometer (Water Brake)

DT3000SG Diesel Hydraulic Dynamometer (Water Brake)



The DT Series diesel engine dynamometer is designed to be quickly and easily fitted to an engine mounted on a fixed base or mobile engine stand. When combined with a Go Power instrumentation package, it allows  precise and repeatable testing results with minimum set up time.

The DT1000SG is designed for use with light to medium duty diesel engines at speeds up to 3500 rpm continuous and 4000 rpm intermittently. The power absorption profile is uniquely suited for testing piston-type aircraft engines such as Lycoming and Teledyne Continental.

The larger DT-range (DT2000SG and DT3000SG) are used with industrial diesel engines at speeds up to 5000 rpm. We manufacture many dynamometer stands to suit practically any test setup. When a chassis dynamometer is not practical or available, the DT-series dynamometers can be fitted with our IFA-D2000 in-frame adapter. This device can be mounted within the driveline of heavy-duty trucks for in-vehicle engine testing.


Max Power     1,120 kW     1,500 Bhp
Max Torque     4,745 N-m     3,500 lb?ft
Base Speed     2,200 rpm     
Max Speed     5,000 rpm     
Bearings         Ball and roller and 90W crankcase gear oil with         greased hub     
Rotation direction     Counterclockwise (looking at coupling flywheel)     
Torque Sensor    Strain gauge load cell (0?30 mV)     
Speed Sensor     60-tooth wheel with inductive pulse pickup     
Water flow required at max power     522 lpm     183 gpm (US)
Water Inlet Connection     26 mm     1.0 in.
Water outlet connection gravity to drain atmosphere     25 mm                             1.0 in.
Dynamic Pressure     4.0 bar     58 psi
Dimensions: Width x Height x Depth     628.6 x 422.1 mm     24.75 x 16.62 in
Weight     132 kg     290 lbs.